Most people that own a 12.5” grizzly knows it lacks chokes, some early ones came with win chokes but most are just an open cylinder. Due to the widely ranging wall thickness and barrel OD finding someone who will attempt to thread one for a removable choke is a chore, thanks to geologist who recommended Rusty Wood Trading Co. I now have a 12.5” barrel that has chokes.

I can’t say how great dealing with Peter was, he gave me the min barrel OD measurement needed to thread them for tru-chokes as well as thin walls which my barrel met for tru-chokes. Turnaround time was lightning fast, I mailed it off on Wednesday he received it and threaded it on Thursday and called me. It was back in the mail on Friday with a set of five chokes.

Anyone looking to thread their Grizzly barrels should give him a call, I talked with 3-4 different gunsmiths with good reputations and Peter was the only one that said “Yes I can do it, provided it meets minimum measurements.”