Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Stock Finish 3 oz

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3oz bottle -Gives The Deep, Rich "Hand-Rubbed Look Without The Hassle

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Easy-to-use Tru-Oil brings out the warm, natural beauty of a wood stock and gives it the look of a deep, rich, hand-rubbed finish without the hassle. It requires an average of only three coats and dries so fast (90 to 120 minutes per coa) that a stock can be finished in one day! Tru-Oil is a purified triple-processed blend of all-natural oils that penetrates into the grain to seal out moisture. Won’t yellow or cloud the grain, and the surface becomes harder and tougher. Apply multiple coats to produce a high-gloss finish, or for a more subdued satin finish, cut back the gloss with fine steel wool or rubbing compound, then apply Birchwood Casey Stock Sheen & Conditioner (sold separately). Tru-Oil is perfect for refinishing existing stocks; for an unfinished stock, first apply Birchwood Casey Clear Sealer & Filler. Minor scuffs and marks on a stock finished with Tru-Oil are easily fixed: just rub the spot gently with a pad moistened with Tru-Oil.

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